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Automatic Flight Insurance

The Insurance described below is provided to you at no additional cost by WorldTravelService, the agency that issued your air ticket. As the ticket holder, you are covered for accidental loss of life, limbs or sight during a flight for which your ticket was issued.

Coverage applies:

  • While you are riding, boarding or alighting as a ticketed passenger in a scheduled aircraft provided by a regularly scheduled airline.
  • While you are on airport premises or traveling in any licensed public conveyance to or from the airport in connection with your ticketed flight.
  • While you are riding in any land or water conveyance provided by the airline as a substitute for an aircraft.

Full benefit is paid to you for accidental loss of life, two limbs, both eyes or one limb and one eye. Benefits are payable
up to one year from the date of accident.

Under this policy, the aggregate limit of benefit for all covered losses for any one air travel accident is $10,000,000.

Coverage does not apply for loss caused by self-inflicted injury, suicide, war, illness or travel for aerial navigation except as expressly provided.

The death benefit will be paid to the Estate of the Insured Person; all other benefits will be paid to the Insured.

The premium for the Travel Accident Insurance is paid by your Travel Agency.

Written Notice of claim should be mailed to Cook & Company, P.O. Box 150266, Nashville, TN 37215-0266. This outline is not a complete description of the coverage. The group master policy contains the legal provision of the plan.
Underwritten by:
National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburg, PA
A member of American International Group of Companies

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