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Training and Support

When you become a WorldTravelService® affiliate, you not only become a part of one of the top travel management agencies in the country, you gain infinite opportunities to learn, engage, improve, and achieve.
Our affiliate training and support programs provide you with proven techniques and resources for success. Want to learn more about specific travel programs? Gain an edge on the competition in your area? Learn more about finance and marketing specific to the travel industry? We can help.

Build Expertise and Reach Your Goals with Professional Development Tools

When you become a WorldTravelService® affiliate, you’ll have access to live, online training designed to help you work at maximum efficiency and offer your clients the absolute best travel experience possible.

  • Programs for new and experienced agents – We provide training for agents at every stage of their careers. Whether you’re just starting out or way ahead of the curve, there’s always something new to learn! And as part of the Virtuoso consortium, you receive up-to-the-minute education on trends, technology, business management, and more.
  • In Person Training with our Preferred Vendors – Provides custom training to you and the ability to network with our vendors directly, building relationships that will best serve your client. Trainings are available at all of our office locations and online.
  • Familiarization (FAM) Trip opportunities – Our clients want to work with destination experts, and we promise them that service. So it’s important that our agents are well-educated about the destinations they sell. We make FAM trips available to you in order to have the most knowledgeable and experienced agents.
  • Virtuoso events: Travel Week and Regional Meetings – There’s nothing like networking and learning from your peers to advance your knowledge and your career. We encourage our agents to attend Virtuoso events to stay up-to-date on industry trends and discover new opportunities to improve.

The Virtuoso Travel Academy

WorldTravelService® is proud to be a Virtuoso member. This network of elite travel agencies has access to the best resources, relationships, and training in the travel industry—including the Virtuoso Travel Academy.
The Virtuoso Travel Academy provides live training and education, weekly webinars, sales courses, professional development opportunities, and more. You’ll be amazed at how much you gain, and you’ll never have to worry about falling behind on the latest vendor offerings!
Live webinars and online training topics include:

  • Sales skills
  • Sales presentations
  • Business enhancement
  • Business technology
  • Social media
  • Travel products
  • And more!

The WorldTravelService® Support System

In addition to professional development opportunities, WorldTravelService® affiliates also benefit from our extensive business support network, which includes:

  • Well-established vendor relationships – You will meet your reps in person!
  • Sales incentives and bonuses.
  • Marketing opportunities – Take advantage of personalized tools to assist with your marketing efforts.
  • Accounting staff – Our staff handles ARC airline reporting, provides monthly commission reports and sales reporting, and is always available to help reconcile your groups and make payments.
  • Financial resources – These include higher commissions, lower operating costs, and mid- and back-office solutions.
  • A management team dedicated to your success!

Become a WorldTravelService® Affiliate

WorldTravelService® is looking for established agents and agencies in the DC, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and southern New Jersey areas to join our network. If you have an active client list and are looking for growth opportunities, we want to meet you!

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