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Affiliate Marketing in Darnestown, Maryland

Get Your Name Out There as a WorldTravelService® Affiliate!

Whether you’re an independent agent or run your own travel agency, we invite you to grow through our affiliate marketing services. By becoming a WorldTravelService® affiliate, you’ll gain access to endless marketing funds and resources that will allow you to spread the word and grow your business. If you have an active client list and are looking for new and exciting opportunities in the Darnestown, MD area, contact us today!

Our Darnestown, MD Affiliate Marketing Program                                   

As a member of the WorldTravelService® affiliate marketing program, you will have a management team dedicated to your success! Our Marketing Director will work with you to develop your marketing platform through various media and connect you with reliable suppliers for events and special occasions. We will help you make the most of your marketing campaign in the Darnestown area through a combination of:

  • Travel magazines
  • Direct mail and email
  • Co-op and support services

Affiliate Marketing Opportunities in the Darnestown, MD Area

Our Virtuoso Turnkey Marketing

This is OUR BEST VALUE program consisting of the most cost effective, sales-effective, and proven methods of marketing. Our most successful agents are active in this program. Join today and benefit from:

  • Your name and contact information on every piece
  • Features in award-winning travel magazines
  • Direct mail and e-mail marketing options

Darnestown, MD affiliates will receive a full year of contact services connecting their clients to professional offers specific to their travel preferences. From moderate to luxury travelers, there is something to appeal to everyone. The Turnkey program is managed for you by the WTS Marketing Department—all you need to do is complete your client profiles.

Supplier Special Offers

Get customizable pieces containing your name and contact information with our supplier special offers. You decide when and who to send the pieces to and have full control of the distribution process. Campaigns can be customized individually or by using the Suppliers Marketing Tool for your convenience.

Local Outreach

Participate in local clubs, organizations, and/or community functions to engage members of the community.

Local Print Ads

Spread the word through local print ads, including:

  • Newspaper
  • Magazines
  • Newsletters
  • Flyers
  • And more

Client Events

As one of our affiliates, you can give your clients access to unique events like:

  • Cruise nights
  • Travel nights
  • Destination seminars
  • And so much more!

Web Page

We can provide you with a custom Web page promoting you and your travel business!

Social Media

Facebook offers an excellent way to stay in touch with friends, family, and travelers. Keep them informed about what’s new in travel, and create awareness of your extensive knowledge and contacts!

Co-Op Funds

WorldTravelService® offers co-op funds to help you with your marketing efforts in Darnestown, MD.


Market your services in style with your contact information custom printed on every piece! As part of the WorldTravelService® affiliate marketing program, your name could be features on such magazines as:

Virtuoso Life

Virtuoso Life, published six times a year, spotlights luxury cruises, top vacation destinations, hotel and resort stays, cultural tours, secret spa retreats, and custom itineraries around the globe. Every issue is designed to surprise and delight even the most experienced traveler. Virtuoso Life is available on the go with a mobile app that’s easy and convenient.

Virtuoso Traveler

This magazine focuses on welcoming new travelers to the world of Virtuoso. It offers an engaging mix of special travel opportunities, insider tips, and expert advice readers can only get from Virtuoso’s premier network of worldwide travel consultants. Virtuoso Traveler is published six times a year.

Best of the Best

This comprehensive catalog lists nearly 1,000 hotels, properties, and destinations that Virtuoso Advisers have chosen specifically for unique settings, extraordinary service, and top-drawer amenities. Virtuoso advisers mail this luxe publication to their clients to help inspire them when planning their next vacation. It is published once a year.

​D​irect Mail & Travel Catalogs

Monthly Themed Travel Catalogs:

Virtuoso’s themed travel catalogs feature exclusive offers from a variety of preferred suppliers including cruise, tour, destination, on-site, and hotel and resort. Each catalog focuses on a particular theme or destination, ranging from Europe to Alaska, warm-weather to active, and multi-generational family to honeymoon travel. They are published 12 times per year.

Custom Direct Mail

These Virtuoso-designed pieces are specifically created to showcase the supplier’s product, unique features, and benefits. Each piece includes a Virtuoso exclusive offer and is agent/agency personalized to enhance the relationship between the member and their clients.

  • Fulfillment Direct Mail: Virtuoso’s Fulfillment Program is designed to give preferred suppliers the opportunity to mail their existing direct mail creative to both Virtuoso travel advisors and their clients. The supplier provides the creativity; Virtuoso manages the details turnkey.
  • Quick Turn Direct Mail: From concept to post office in eight days, Virtuoso personalizes this single supplier print piece with agent/agency call-to-actions and focuses on getting last-minute offers into the market quickly.

Email Marketing

Quick Sale Email: Deploying to both Virtuoso travel advisers and their clients, these single-supplier emails feature one offer, up to two static images, and personalized Virtuoso Member call-to-actions.

Single-Supplier Email: These Virtuoso-designed email campaigns include a push page that lands in the consumer’s inbox and a click-through landing page that shows the supplier’s offers and highlights added-value information, such as the supplier’s points of distinction or unique offer benefits. Virtuoso publishes single-supplier emails in both the North American and Latin American markets.

Themed Travel Email: For some Virtuoso clients, the point of passion is family oriented travel; for others, it’s a vacation revolving around food and wine. For all of them, we’ve created themed travel emails featuring exclusive offers from Virtuoso Preferred Suppliers and focusing on a particular theme or destination. Spotlighting a maximum of four departures or itineraries, the Themed Travel Email includes a push page that lands in the consumer’s inbox, as well as a click-through page for each supplier.

Virtuoso Travel ASAP Email: Designed for clients who can take advantage of last-minute specials, Virtuoso Travel ASAP is a monthly, multi-supplier email that highlights travel offers with an expiration or departure date within 60 to 90 days. Each month, travelers find fabulous vacations ranging from Arizona spas to Mediterranean cruises, all with special pricing and Virtuoso extras. Deployed to travel advisors and their clients and prospects, the email is agent/agency personalized, static (no flash), and contains both a push page and click-through landing page that lists each supplier’s offers.

Become a WorldTravelService® Affiliate Today!

To learn more about becoming an affiliate and joining our affiliate marketing program in Darnestown, MD, contact us online or by calling 800-676-3796.

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