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One of the many benefits of booking flights with WorldTravelService® is the higher standard of excellence we achieve when finding fares and reserving seats.

Get Ahead When You Book Flights with WorldTravelService®

When booking flights for your business trip, we use a number of advanced systems to ensure that you get the best flights—and the best service—at the lowest fares.

  • FareCk™  – Our fare search engine finds the best ticket price available while checking alternative flights, fares, and airlines 24/7. It continuously monitors reservations for fare changes and schedule changes that may have added more discounted seats to the marketplace. Its flexible system works with corporate guidelines and policy. With FareCk™:
    • Multiple pricing fields, international, and negotiated fields are distinguished in a sophisticated search
    • Direct airline reservation links are generated
    • All fare data is captured for analysis and reporting needs
  • WaitListCk™  – In the event that your preferred flight is sold out, WaitListCk™ monitors the wait list and confirms your seat as soon as one becomes available. This advanced system:
    • Access lower priced and preferred itineraries
    • Streamlines the process of clearing waitlisted flights
    • Continues to check waitlist flights until departure, even when the airline shows “waitlist closed”
    • Monitors waitlists directly with the airline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • SeatFinderCk™  – Want to avoid the dreaded middle seat? Our clients get aisle and window seats 90 percent of the time, thanks to this sophisticated system. It uses live seat maps to monitor the availability of any possible request: aisle, window, front or back, right or left side, bulkhead, and aisles across. This smart technology:
    • Coordinates multiple passengers on the same reservation or two travelers on separate reservations
    • Accommodates available priority seating (frequent flyer memberships)
    • Captures all information for analysis and reporting
    • Monitors requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • Automatically reserves an aisle or window seat when one becomes available
  • ECk™ Tracking Module – Never lose track of refunds, credits, or coupons ever again. ECk™ tracks unused electronic tickets so that any refund, exchange, or credit opportunity is retained and applied. ECk™:
    • Tracks any unused e-ticket coupons
    • Provides financial savings by eliminating lost or unused coupons
    • Stretches travel dollars further by identifying refund or exchange opportunities
    • Saves time managing e-ticket use
    • Offers 100 percent coverage of e-ticket use

WorldTravelService® Also Provides:

  • Unlimited changes (no charge for changes prior to ticket issuance)
  • Completion of ticket voids

In addition, our QualityCk™ quality assurance program audits each element of the booking process and beyond to ensure that no step is missed. QualityCk™:

  • Performs more than 150 quality checks
  • Advises your travel agent if any requested items are missing
  • Ensures that available discounts are used
  • Verifies negotiated air rates
  • Compares your booking reservation to your account criteria
  • Continuously monitors your reservation to fulfill your requirements as well as those of your company

Why WorldTravelService® Systems Work

We maintain multiple internet connections in all of our locations to secure our access to information–even during carrier outages, technical difficulties, or local events. During any service interruption, our internal systems will automatically switch to an alternate service provider. This added security is imperative in a world that relies on the internet for daily operations and communication, and allows us to serve you better.

Learn how you can book corporate travel with WorldTravelService® today. Or contact a corporate agent.

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