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International Air Travel

International Air Travel with WorldTravelService®

Even if you’re a whiz at domestic travel, international travel is a whole new ballgame.  International air routings and connections are our specialty.  WorldTravelService®  advisors keep updated on the changing landscape of today’s global travel. Our relationship with our industry partners is our strength.

Air travel is more than departure and arrival times, when  you’re traveling a distance, service in the air as well as on the ground is critical to enjoying the journey.  We can help you determine the best airline to meet your needs both in the air and on the ground.

  • Best Fares & Service

  • Airport Lounge Passes: Enjoy the journey.

  • Special Fares for Cruisers

Booking international air travel has a level of complexity beyond domestic travel. You have to consider time zone changes, how jet lag might affect you for the next day’s activities, and even the baggage regulations of traveling between specific countries.

We’re the Experts in International Travel

Let the international travel professionals at WorldTravelService® worry about these problems for you. We have over 20 years of experience with international travel, and have worked with everyone from vacation travelers to large government groups.

WorldTravelService® has partnered with the world’s largest global distribution system, Amadeus, which is used by ALL major international carriers.

80% of all travel agencies worldwide use this Global Distribution System. Other users include World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and soon all U.S. Embassies worldwide.

This system enables us to collect and organize disparate services like air travel, car rental, and hotel reservations into a consolidated plan. It provides a real-time link to the databases of airlines, hotels, and more; enabling us to work quickly and efficiently to plan your travel and handle any problems that crop up.

International Travel with WorldTravelService®

As a WorldTravelService® client, you will be escorted to your destination and back again by a network of highly experienced travel agents and technological systems that track and manage every detail of your itinerary. You will never be lost, stuck, overcharged, or unable to get immediate assistance while you are in our care.

Our partnership gives us access to a nearly unlimited range of route options, discounts, amenities, and other perks that consumers and unaffiliated agencies are not afforded.

All of this, along with the dedication and thoroughness of our experienced agents, means that when you book your travel with WorldTravelService®, you are assured an unparalleled experience accompanied by the utmost peace of mind.

Flight Booking Systems

When booking flights for your vacation, we use a number of advanced systems to ensure that you get the best flights—and the best service—at the lowest fares.

  • FareCk™  – Our fare search engine finds the best ticket price available while checking alternative flights, fares, and airlines 24/7. Its flexible system works with corporate guidelines and policy.
  • WaitListCk™  – In the event that your preferred flight is sold out, WaitListCk™ monitors the wait list and confirms your seat as soon as one becomes available.
  • SeatFinderCk™  – Want to avoid the dreaded middle seat? Our clients get aisle and window seats 90 percent of the time, thanks to this sophisticated system. It uses live seat maps to monitor the availability of any possible request: aisle, window, front or back, right or left side, bulkhead, and aisles across. It can coordinate multiple passengers on the same reservation or two travelers on separate reservations.
  • ECk™ Tracking Module – Never lose track of refunds, credits, or coupons ever again. ECk™ tracks unused electronic tickets so that any refund, exchange, or credit opportunity is retained and applied.

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