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So you’re planning a trip with your kids? Taking your grandchildren on vacation? Plan a kid-friendly trip that will make everyone happy with WorldTravelService®.
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How to Plan a Trip with Kids

A word you’ve got to keep in mind when planning a family vacation is: compromise. While you may want to spend two days exploring the Victoria and Albert museum, your kids’ attention spans are unlikely to be on board. And though the kids could spend a week at Denmark’s Legoland, you would probably prefer a little more variety. But if you plan it well, your vacation will have something for everyone, with plenty of fun to go around.

Book the Best Flight

When you’ve got kids with you, it might not be worth the money you save to book a cheaper flight with connections and layovers. If you can, get a nonstop. If that’s not possible, make sure you have plenty of time to make your connecting flights—don’t set yourself up for a situation where you’re running to catch a plane with a crying toddler in tow!
If you’re going to a new destination, or going to a familiar destination for the first time with kids, it’s a good idea to do some research before you book. Check your departure and arrival airports. They may have venues or activities for kids available to help pass the time during a layover.
Your agent will be the best resource for finding and booking the most kid-friendly flights. WorldTravelService® agents have extensive knowledge of U.S. and international airports, gate locations, customs issues, and other details that can affect your flying experience.

Where to Stay with Kids

When choosing hotels and lodging for you and your children or grandchildren, there are a few factors to consider that can help make your stay more comfortable. Your best bet will be a resort with at least two or three of the following:

  • Kid-friendly dining options and menus
  • An outdoor play area and/or indoor recreation room
  • A pool
  • In-room child care or other babysitting service
  • Suites with lots of space for the whole family to relax
  • Cribs

All-inclusive resorts typically have more extensive amenities for kids and families. In addition to the above features, a resort property will likely have:

  • A supervised activity program for kids with a daily schedule of fun things to do
  • Movie nights
  • A water park or big water slide

Your agent knows where to find hotels around the world with the most family-friendly accommodations and service. If your kids have any special needs, or you are looking for specific amenities, just let your agent know.

WorldTravelService® Makes Family Travel Painless

When you book your family vacation with us, we’ll plan every detail and organize all the logistics—all you have to do is have fun!
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