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Active Adventure Travel Program


Worldwide award-winning bike tours, family vacations, walking and hiking tours.

Why Travel Actively with Backroads

It’s the feeling of your body in motion, with the wind in your face and the excitement as your experience unfolds. By bike or on foot, you explore hidden corners, meet locals and immerse yourself in the life of a region. Enjoy the enormous satisfaction of traveling under your own power and return home with a sense of vitality. These are the things that turn a vacation into the adventure of a lifetime and create vibrant memories that last forever.

Travel Active with Backroads

Come with us and take advantage of the beauty of fall! The crowds of summer have gone, and perfect autumn temperatures await as golden leaves fill up the islands of Croatia, the forests of New England and the vineyards of Provence.
You can be the hero your family needs! You can conquer the challenge of finding that coveted vacation that will leave every member of the family feeling like they had the perfect experience they were hoping for. Backroads designs our Family Trips with the understanding that families need action, diversity and something for everyone!
The world of solo travel is growing rapidly, and we invite you to come see why people are seizing the day and making adventure happen. Backroads Solo Trips are a perfect mix of physical challenge, relaxation, social engagement and endless fun!

Free Upgrade to Electric Bikes
Launched two years ago and rapidly growing in popularity with guests, eBikes are designed to give an extra push when needed. They are a great way to level the playing field when guests with varying cycling abilities and interests travel together. In 2016, Backroads will offer eBikes at no additional cost on all Biking Trips in Europe, North America and Hawaii.

Free GPS on Biking Trips
In 2016 the new, state-of-the-art Garmin Edge Explore 1000 GPS device will be included on all Biking Trips in Europe, North America and Hawaii. They’re easy to use, offer easy-to-follow-directions and come pre-loaded with all routes and route options specific to each trip.

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WorldTravelService®, a Virtuoso Member agency, offers you the chance to immerse yourself in authentic, life-changing moments and unique experiences provided by a select group of travel partners, taking you one step closer to our world’s most captivating destinations and intriguing cultures.

Warm Welcome in the Serengeti

An important aspect of working with WorldTravelService® for your adventure travel is to remember: Only you will enjoy Virtuoso exclusive perks, upgrades and access.

Chilling in the Colony - South Georgia Island

Some sample adventures? You can tour Persia’s historical sites, golf the world’s championship courses, search for the Big Five on safari, zip line through the jungles of Costa Rica, visit Ethiopia’s great tribal lands, Trek through the peaks of western Mongolia, cruise the magnificent Amazon river, experience the Canadian Arctic, ride the rails in exquisite comfort and more.

Each exhilarating journey enriches your life and supports sustainable tourism, bringing meaning to your travel adventures.  Through WorldTravelService® active adventure travel program, your amazing vacation can also help make the world a better place, now, and for future generations, through the care each travel supplier gives to the environment, the protection of cultural and natural heritage, and the contribution to the well-being of the local communities you visit.

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Don’t Just See the World, Live It.


WorldTravelService®’s select group of active and specialty travel partners deliver to you the world’s most captivating destinations and intriguing cultures.

This year’s catalog is our best collection of active travel journeys designed to immerse you in bespoke, enriching experiences curated exclusively for you.

And each travel partner is committed to sustainable tourism practices that support the well-being of the local communities and regions you visit, helping you make the world a better place.

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