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Spend some time dreaming, sketching, or people-watching in Florence’s plazas and cafes. Then feast your eyes on the Duomo’s campanile and the frescoed chapel of the Basilica di Santa Maria Novella. Need a guide to show you the can’t-miss exhibits in Florence’s many museums? We’ll find you one that will get you to the front of the line.  Go in the spring and meander through the city’s magnificent gardens. You can also take a guided tour of Tuscany that departs from Florence, or a bike tour from Florence to Rome! Your agent can help you plan the Italian caper you’ve always wanted.


There are so many fantastic destinations in Ireland! Wherever you want to go, WorldTravelService® can find amenities that will make your trip even more special. If you have specific places in Ireland you want to visit, we can help you plan the most expeditious routes around the isle. That way you can maximize your leisure time and savor each stop. If you’d like an all-inclusive, fully plotted jaunt, we can book a package trip to Ireland that includes airfare, tours, accommodations, transportation, and more.


So you want to go to the Bahamas? Where do you want to start? Each of the Bahaman island groups has its own personality. Your WorldTravelService® agent can give you the goods on each and help you choose the island most suited to your vacation wishes. Want to rent a villa in the Berry Islands? Go snorkeling along Bimini Road? Take the family to Paradise Island? All of these options and many more await you in the Bahamas. The islands offer a wide variety of accommodations and settings, from spa retreats to family-friendly hotels. These sunny vistas inspire joy in adventurers, cruise lovers, honeymooners, and all lovers of leisure! Ask about our cruise packages and Bahamian hosts!


Culture, history, beauty, and adventure—Cozumel has it all in abundance. With its warm, friendly atmosphere and luxury accommodations, Cozumel will invite you in and beg you to stay. Go zip-lining, swim with dolphins, scuba dive among coral reefs, play golf, spend a day at the spa, and visit the island’s museums to learn about its captivating heritage. Cozumel also boasts an appealing array of cuisine choices, with restaurants serving everything from fresh-caught seafood to steak, tacos, and more. Ask your agent to book you on a group tour and you can enjoy Cozumel with an assortment of fun-loving compadres. Or we can send you and your sweetheart solo for margaritas by the sea and dancing until midnight.


There’s so much to this stunning island city-state. Its diverse cultures, religions, and languages make it an enchanting place to explore. You’ll discover novel cuisines, stunning gardens and temples, and a wide variety of markets and shopping centers. Singapore is particularly proud of its performing arts scene, so if you want to catch a show while you’re there, you’ll have a number to choose from. Because there’s so much to see here, a wide selection of tours and packages are available, tailored to a number of audiences and tastes. Ask your agent for recommendations.

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