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Czech Republic Travel

Five steps into the Czech Republic and a traveler would already find themselves pleasantly surprised. In a single street, one can be transported hundreds of years into the past with stunning historic architecture and rural life, while another moment will take you to wondrously developed and technologically advanced cafes, art museums, and attractions. Travelers both new and experienced will find something they love here.
The agents at WorldTravelService® can take you anywhere you want to go in the Czech Republic! As the second largest independently owned and operated travel agency in the nation, we have the resources and experience to help you build adventures of which you’ve only dreamed. Whether you’re looking to relax or explore, you’ll find the Czech Republic more than accommodating.

Czech Republic Travel with WorldTravelService®

The bones of the Austro-Hungarian Empire have left castles, chateaux, and a rich folk culture ripe for the learning and experiencing. An intoxicating blend of tradition and rural life has fused with forward-thinking technology and modern amenities, leaving a traveler with a distinctly unique range of options when it comes to choosing destinations in the Czech Republic.
Some of our most popular city destinations include:

  • Prague
  • Carlsbad
  • Český Krumlov
  • Zlín
  • Kutná Hora
  • Pardubice
  • And more!

Our Top Travel Destinations in the Czech Republic

Whether you’re into gorgeous countrysides, impressive cityscapes, or you just like the idea of sampling some of the best beer the world has to offer, you can find it in the Czech Republic. Feeling a bit lost or not sure where to begin your adventures? Our travel experts recommend that you don’t miss these:

  • Prague. Prague stands currently as one of our clients’ favorite repeat travel destinations. What’s the draw? In the simplest terms, a city that rivals or surpasses its contemporaries, including Paris, London, and other greats. Gothic art, modern fusion galleries, a master microbrewery on nearly every corner, and some of the best shopping you’ll ever find await. Art or beer not for you? You’ll still find plenty to see with the sprawling city gardens and famous attractions like St. Vitus Cathedral nearby.
  • Nižbor glassworks. The Rückl family has been producing some of the most attractive and clear crystal glass in the world for over one hundred years. Tour to see some of the secrets of fine glass blowing, or wander off to nearby Nižbor to find some welcoming locals and excellent fare.
  • Saské Švýcarsko. The Saxon Switzerland mountains are some of the most intriguing natural formations in the world. Featuring broad, naturally formed arches of sandstone (the largest in Europe), inns and resorts dotting the entire landscape, and plenty of hiking opportunities, it’s a great place to visit for the more adventurous.
  • Karlovy Vary. Also known as Carlsbad, or just “Vary,” Karlovy Vary has been entertaining and treating visitors for decades. Reservations are required if you plan to partake, but a well-planned trip will find you relaxing and supping in some of the finest spas and resorts the world has on offer.

Book Your Trip to the Czech Republic with WorldTravelService®

No matter what sort of experience you’re looking to find in the Czech Republic, the seasoned veteran travel agents at WorldTravelService® are here to help. Book with an agent online today, or to find out more about what the Czech Republic has to offer, please give us a call.

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