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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance – Purchase with Confidence

WorldTravelService® has a number of advanced systems to to ensure quality assurance. You get the best flights-and the best service-at the lowest fares.  We will continue to check the itinerary daily to ensure you have the best price. If there is a reduction, we notify you immediately and refund the difference.  Once you’ve booked a flight with us, you’ll probably wonder how you ever traveled without us!

quality assurance
  • FareCk™ – Our fare search engine finds the best ticket price available; while checking alternative flights, fares, and airlines 24/7. Its flexible system works with corporate guidelines and policy.
  • ECK™ – Electronic ticket tracking; never lose the value of any unused ticket.
  • QualityCK™ – Quality Assurance crosschecks reservations against your travel policy, airline regulations, and multiple other traveler quality control features on a daily basis.
  • WaitListCk™ – In the event that your preferred flight is sold out, WaitListCk™ monitors the wait list and confirms your seat as soon as one becomes available.
  • WebCK™ – Searches multiple websites for added savings and price changes.
  • SeatFinderCk™ – Want to avoid the dreaded middle seat? Our clients get aisle and window seats 90 percent of the time, thanks to this sophisticated system. It uses live seat maps to monitor the availability of any possible request: aisle, window, front or back, right or left side, bulkhead, and aisles across. It can coordinate multiple passengers on the same reservation or two travelers on separate reservations.
  • ECk™ Tracking Module – Never lose track of refunds, credits, or coupons ever again. ECk™ tracks unused electronic tickets so that any refund, exchange, or credit opportunity is retained and applied
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