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Corporate Travel Reports & Management


At WorldTravelService®, we know that tracking expenses and other details of your company’s travel is vital to following policy and maintaining profitability. We offer standard and customized reports so that you can track the elements you need in the way that makes sense for you.

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Choose Your Own Corporate Travel Reports

We offer more than 120 specially designed corporate travel reports. As a client, you select the format or formats that best suit your needs.

WorldTravelService® uses iBank, the most advanced technology platform for travel-management company reporting, to run, maintain, and house client travel reports.

These reports distill the myriad details of your travel data into useful information that helps you manage your travel spend and increase your savings and productivity.

Get the Perks You Want with Corporate Traveler Profiles

To give our clients a travel experience fully customized to their needs, we keep detailed profiles of all frequent travelers. These comprehensive profiles contain:

We also note and flag any special needs a traveler may have.

Benefit from Our Travel Technology Powerhouse

In addition to our multifaceted reporting capabilities, we have developed a suite of reservation and management information systems that we believe is unsurpassed.

  • FareCk™ – Our fare search engine finds the best ticket price available while checking alternative flights, fares, and airlines 24/7. Its flexible system works with corporate guidelines and policy.
  • WaitListCk™ – In the event that your preferred flight is sold out, WaitListCk™ monitors the wait list and confirms your seat as soon as one becomes available.
  • SeatFinderCk™ – Want to avoid the dreaded middle seat? Our clients get aisle and window seats 90 percent of the time, thanks to this proprietary system. It uses live seat maps to monitor the availability of any possible request: aisle, window, front or back, right or left side, bulkhead, and aisles across. It can coordinate multiple passengers on the same reservation or two travelers on separate reservations.
  • ECk™ Tracking Module – Never lose track of refunds, credits, or coupons ever again. ECk™ tracks unused electronic tickets so that any refund, exchange, or credit opportunity is retained and applied.
  • WebCk™ – WebCk™ searches more than 200 websites for added savings.
  • Travel-24™ – Whether you’re traveling within the U.S. or internationally, assistance is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every single day of the year. No matter where you are, Travel-24™ can work to resolve any emergency or issue you encounter.
  • reView – You’ll never have to worry about tracking travel expenditures and other information with reView ™. The system provides detailed or summary reports and spreadsheets in your choice of more than 150 customizable templates.
  • QualityCk™ – This state-of-the-art system continually audits each element of your travel experience to make sure no detail is missed. QualityCk ™ alerts our agents when crucial items are missing, such as frequent flyer or loyalty account numbers, confirmation numbers, special meal requests, seat preferences, and other requests. In all, the system performs more than 150 quality assurance checks.
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Take Control of Your Travel Program with Corporate Travel Reports

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